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  • What is a Collector?

    A collector is a means to distribute your survey to respondents and collect responses. The collector type you choose determines how your survey will reach your audience.

  • Collector Types

    We offer 10 collector types, namely: Email, Web Link, Social Media, Offline Surveys, Mobile Embed, Website, Manually, Phone Surveys, WhatsApp Surveys and Targeted Audience. In addition to these you can also enter the responses manually.

  • Email Collector

    You can use the Email collector to create an email distribution list. You can also customize the invitation message; schedule the delivery and manage/track your survey respondents.

  • Social Media Collector

    With Social Media collector you can post your survey on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Create a link to post to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn wall, or to send to your friends and survey respondents.

  • Website Collector

    Website collector allow you to: Embed the survey on your site; Create a survey popup; Create a popup invitation to take the survey

  • Mobile Embed

    Integrate your surveys and responses directly in your mobile app for customer feedback about their in-app experience.

  • Offline Surveys Collector

    You can use offline survey collector anytime and anywhere with our Surview Everywhere mobile app. This collector allows you to collect responses on field or offline responses without internet or any data connection.