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  • Ways to Analyze

    Analysis of survey results is a real-time experience in Surview. As soon as respondents start submitting their responses you can monitor their responses.

  • Question Summaries

    Within Question Summaries tab you can view useful analytics including response counts and percentages for all close-ended questions.

  • Viewing Individual Responses

    You can view each individual's response to the survey questions. You can also track other important information such as: respondent's IP address, time, date, etc.

  • Charts and Display Options

    The Analyze Results section automatically generates eye-catching charts to represent your data.

  • Chart Types

    Surview team has developed several chart types that are automatically generated to represent your survey results. The chart types are available depending on the question types used in the survey.

  • Display Options

    Display options enable you to polish the way your data displays in a chart or table. 

  • Colors

    The way colors are assigned to charts in reports is based on the number of the answer options. We have alternately shaded our charts by default.

  • Labels

    Labels are used to display in chart the description of the answer options for a specific question. For reporting purposes, you may edit the labels as per your preferences.

  • Exporting Results

    You can download the survey results in Summary and All Responses Collected formats.

  • Views

    Views are customized snapshots of your survey results’ data. View help when you are analyzing survey result data by comparing the source data with data obtained after applying filer rules.